The Queen of Egypt presents Ancient Egypt as you have never experienced! You will be amazed to discover how close it is to your world.

In my lectures, you will encounter mysterious tombs, the Realm of the Dead, the treasure of the child-king, the queen who became king, as well as dreams and their interpretations. This is an Egypt that you have never experienced, and you will be amazed to discover how close it is to your world.
My love for Ancient Egypt and my vast experience, combined with rich sources and unique content, are what make my inspiring and stimulating lectures the perfect choice for any social occasion, from professional conventions to knowledge lovers’ gatherings.


In addition, Queen of Egypt offers courses, scientific editing and writing and tours.

My name is Racheli Shalomi Hen and Queen of Egypt is the name of my business. I have a PhD in Egyptology, which is the study of Ancient Egypt. 
Over the years, I have worked as a researcher and a lecturer in various Israeli universities.
I founded the Queen of Egypt initiative because I believe that now more than ever, Ancient Egypt is relevant to our modern life and world, and I want to share my knowledge and insight with you.
In the lectures of Queen of Egypt, I present facts and stories about Ancient Egyptian  mummies,  ancient Egyptian history, ancient Egyptian art and architecture, the Rosetta Stone, the pyramids, the relations between the Biblical story of the Exodus and Ancient Egypt, and many other fascinating stories about Ancient Egypt.

Queen of Egypt

רצועה דקורטיבית - מלכת מצרים


פס זהוב דק, אודות מלכת מצרים
פס זהוב דק, אודות מלכת מצרים